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Senior Project Manager, PM

Shanghai , Mainland China

Ref#: 21002021

Date published: 9-Mar-2021

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Key roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager, CBRE Projects – [Location] are to:

I. Execute projects defined in a development services agreement, lease, and/or construction management agreement to its successful conclusion. Define project goals of these concepts in terms of scope, time and cost; through the use of established processes, experience and expertise, manage the design, permitting and construction of the project in conformity with these goals. 

II. Ensure proper support to other CBRE business lines during the business development stage where and when required.

III. Carry out any other assignments as directed by your Directors or the management.


1) Support other business lines when and where required to secure project management business. 

2) Read and understand documents defining the project, including, but not limited to, employer requirements, specifications lease contracts, property management agreement, and lease abstract. 

3) Establish project scope of budget for the work; establish practical project time lines and programmes. 

4) Ensure all parties understand the above goals prior to start of design, and review scope with leasing agent for conformity with the lease.

5) Participate in preparation of appropriate lease provisions and exhibits. 

6) Establish purchasing procedures for consultants, contractors, etc. Negotiate and prepare appropriate agreements for all parties necessary in the execution of the work, including bid packages and contract documents. 

7) Execute proper tender assessments and provide proper analysis to the owner of the bids received, with a recommendation for selection of appropriate designers when and where required. 

8) Provide proper analysis to the client for the bids received, with a recommendation for selection of the general contractor when and where required.

9) Provide proper analysis to the client for the bids received, with a recommendation for selection of the Jianli when and where required. 

10) Provide proper analysis to the client for the bids received, with a recommendation for selection of any other consultant firms, contractors and suppliers when and where required. 

11) Establish communication procedures and filing systems for projects and set up appropriate tracking of necessary approvals of all kinds. 

12) Establish meeting procedures and timetables for those meetings. 

13) Ensure project documentation is accurate, co-ordinated and properly documented.  

14) Ensure all consultants are familiar with project goals of scope, time and cost and write the appropriate agreement between the owner and consultants to accomplish these goals.

15) Provide review of progress sets of design to ensure that contract documents are consistent with the required scope of the project. Review design details of the construction documents for constructability and cost efficiency.

16) Ensure that drawings are co-ordinated so that appropriate scope is defined between consultants of different expertise.

17) Review all requests for information, change requests, etc. and, where appropriate, issue or have consultants issue an appropriate response (directive letter).

18) Manage and co-ordinate all kinds of variations that may occur during project execution. 

19) Ensure invoices are reviewed for conformity with documentation requirements and completion status, and processed in a timely manner. Be responsible for tracking all project-related costs, including appropriate documentation. 

20) Manage the project team, which may consist of project engineers, administrators, specialist engineers and quantity surveyors and other appropriate professionals.

21) Support the Senior Project Managers and Directors of CBRE’s Project Management Department during business development when and where required.

22) Keep ownership of the project you are handling as Project Manager, including, but not limited to cost analysis, invoicing, risk management quality and programme control, as well as management of your project team. 

23) Management of all design, construction and supply contracts.

24) Establish, maintain and update for all projects for which you are responsible, and appropriate project risk register, clearly identifying suitable measures to mitigate, manage or insure the risk.


Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Architecture, Engineering, Business or equivalent to appropriate 4-year college programme.
At least five years’ project management or construction management experience, or any similar combination of education and experience.
Must be detail-oriented, analytical and computer-literate with proven leadership skills.
Knowledge and understanding of construction practices and techniques; Title III of ADA, contract laws, project controls, FIDIC, and building support systems.
Proven record of providing excellent internal and external customer service
Excellent interpersonal skills and problem-solving ability.
Strong verbal/written communication skills in both Chinese and English.
Familiar with design, construction and supply-oriented contracts, such as, but not limited to, government contracts, FIDIC contracts, etc.
Occasional travelling required.