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GWS, Assistant Project Manager (11개월 계약직)

Seoul , South Korea

Ref#: 21000926

Date published: 7-Jan-2021

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Hiring Department: Global Workplace Solutions
Working Location: Client site in Jongro
* This is a 11-month contract position to support a project.

The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for ensuring the success of a job in terms of timely completion of the projects, quality and good sub-contractor / customers relations etc. He/she supervises and guides the project team and assist in the delivery of project(s) within the contractually executed parameters and in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System.

  • Proposal Stage 
The Assistant Project Manager's role starts from proposal. Together with the Project Manager, he/she is responsible for the review and analysis of the construction aspects of a potential job. He/she highlights special requirement, potential risk and problems of a project during the PreTender Meeting. He/she advises and assists the Project Manager in the preparation of the Proposal. 
  • Pre Construction Stage 
The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for the following pre-construction activities:- 
¾ Review drawings and specifications with the Construction Manager (if applicable) and Project Manager. 
¾ Monitors the production of Construction Program and Bid Package Schedule. 
¾ Chairs the Project Startup Meeting and ensures that the startup activities as identified in the Project Control Form are assigned, schedule and effected. 
¾ Ensures design information are managed, Information Require Schedule prepared and attends the Design Brief Meeting with the Project Manager. 
¾ Establishes the lines of communication with external parties involved in the project and conveying it to the project team. 
¾ Monitors procurement and trade contractor selections. 
  • Construction Stage 
During construction the Assistant Project Manager controls the project through the following:- 
¾ Make regular visits to site to check actual progress against programmed, quality and conditions. 
¾ Ensures procurement activities are progressed and completed according to milestone by monitoring the Bid Package Schedule. 

¾ Ensures all schedule meetings are conducted and Open Items prepared. Attends these meetings regularly to ensure objectives are met. 
¾ Attends weekly Internal Review with Project Team to discuss progress and address issues. 
¾ Advises and provides solutions to issues. 
¾ Ensures the financial well being of a project is not compromised -budget, payment, change orders and margin. 
¾ Provides progress update to Project Director-escalating potential problems and issues when necessary. 
¾ Ensures project files and records are properly maintained. 
¾ Takes immediate action and responsibility for any "Extension of Time (EOT)" required based on his evaluation and grasp of crucial aspects of a project. Reviewing and discussing contributing factors, implications and action plan of EOT with the Project Team. Ensures the request for EOT is issued and substantiated. 
¾ Dive in and play the role of construction Manager once the project is at risk. 
  • Completion Stage 
The Assistant Project Manager's key responsibilities at this stage are:- 
¾ Chairs the Practical Completion Meeting and ensure attendance by project team. Review and discuss completion activities and all core aspects to ensure completion date is achievable. Generate Open Items List for actions required and persons responsible. ? Handover:- 
- Ensure site is ready for handover - cleared and cleaned. 
- Attends handover and client/consultant joint inspection with the Construction Manager. - Ensures a smooth transition between handover and occupation by the client. 
¾ Ensures the application and issuance of the Certificate of Practical Completion (CPC).  
¾ Ensures the Operations and Maintenance Manual (O&M) is in order and issued to the client. 
¾ Ensures defect are managed and closed-out effectively and promptly. 

Education & Training 
Degree in Building Studies / Quantity Surveying / Interior Design / Architecture, or equivalent 
Technical Requirements 
3  years relevant work experience  
Managerial Experience 
Experience in managing a team of staff and working with consultants / contractors 
Computer literate – Microsoft Office 
Good command of English