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Electrical Engineer-浦东新区

Shanghai , Mainland China

Ref#: 9677249933

Date published: 14-Dec-2020

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  • Supervise, maintains, monitors, and performs preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance on critical equipment, which may include the following: electrical (including DRUPS, DC battery systems, PDU, generators, and switchgear), fire detection and suppression, life safety, lighting, temperature control systems, building management systems etc.  Also responsible for operation and maintenance of non-critical equipment such as electrical, hot water systems, etc.  Monitors operation, adjusts, and maintains electrical equipment; record readings and make adjustments where necessary to ensure proper operation of equipment.

  • Develops, coordinates, reviews and submission of Critical Work Packages (CWPs) or work method statement including LOTO (log out/tag out) required under Change Management Work Flow Process for assigned facilities and systems to Critical Service Manager approval.

  • Deliver all critical works in accordance to the approved change request documentation. 

  • Identify work operation to include as SOP and ERP after reviewing and have in depth understanding of the critical system/facilities under his/her management.

  • Ensure that compliance of all regulatory laws and guidelines are met as they relate to the operation of the building’s infrastructure. Responsible for alerting management of building and Critical Service Manager of any discrepancies.

  • Work with CBRE HSE team to identify safety hazards within the building and incorporate the remediation of such hazards to ensure that the building’s staff and occupants work in a safe environment.

  • Develop routine annual maintenance plans and capital plans which would include planning for infra-structure upgrades, equipment replacements and building modifications to ensure the building’s future capabilities are maintained for Critical Facility Manager Approval.

  • Provide technical input to facility projects and modification works, including witness of M&E testing and commissioning, and assist facilities manager in final acceptance of completed facilities prior taking over for management.

  • Develop and maintain all records and compliance documentation for the building/facilities are maintained and up to date, including building drawings and single-lines as well as documentation mandated for the purpose of maintaining regulatory compliance with State or Local law.

  • Responsible for overseeing the activities of contractors working within our managed premises. 

  • Maintain effective communication with all external and internal customers, including Clients, Facilities and Project management, and Engineering staff.

  • Assist in coordination of engineering data and preparation of engineering reports for Critical Service Manager